Prevent hotlinking of images – How to hotlink protect

Use this generator to create a .htaccess file for hotlink protection of your images and pictures. Hotlink protection can save you lots of bandwidth by preventing other sites from displaying your images.

After you have created a .htaccess for hotlink protection, you can use the tool to test hotlink protection and make sure that you prevent hotlink.

Enter the domains that you will allow to hotlink images. IE your own domain.

One domain per line. No www.

Some visitors uses a personal firewall or antivirus program, that deletes the page referer information sent by the web browser. Hotlink protection is based on this information. So if you choose not to allow blank referers, you will block these users. You will also prevent people from directly accessing an image by typing in the URL in their browser.

It is recommended to allow blank referers.

If you want to show an another image for blocked hotlinked images, enter the URL below. NOTE: Make sure the image is not hotlink protected or your server can go into an endless loop.

Leave blank to just prevent and block hotlink.

Enter the extension (without the dot) of the images you want to hotlink protect.

Use a space to separate extensions.